Due to rising energy cost and concerns about how inefficient energy use impacts our environment, it makes sense to identify how much energy the various components of your building are using. Throwing money into energy efficient upgrades without first identifying where and how much energy your building is actually using can be a costly mistake. We inspect, test, and perform computer modeling to ensure that you get an accurate analysis of how your building is performing. As a nationally certified RESNET Energy Rater, our inspections and computer modeling are over seen and regularly QA’d by WSU Energy Program. You will find additional information about the WA State Energy Program here: Washington State University Energy ProgramMy Rater ID# 3124142.


There are numerous financial incentives available for building energy efficiently and for adding energy efficient upgrades to your buildings. Incentives come from various sources such as state and federal government, utilities, manufacturers and others incentives. They are subject to continuous change. At BEC, we stay aware of these changes to ensure that our clients receive all the energy efficient incentives that are currently available for their building project.

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